The coordinator of WP7 on Dissemination was invited to the University of Urbino in Italy to participate in the events of the 5th ERASMUS Week programme. Klára Szabó had a presentation on 9th of April from 4-6 pm. Her talk was entitled “The PT&SCHE Project: Background and Achievements.”

The presentation was followed by a roundtable discussion, co-chaired by Rowena Coles, representative of the host institution in Italy, and Klára Szabó, the coordinator of WP7 from the University of Szeged, Hungary. The participants of the roundtable discussion were students and teachers from a variety of European universities from Poland, Germany, France, Greece, Turkey and Spain. In the course of the discussion they shared their view on the topic of part-time and short-cycle studies, talked about their own experiences in the field and gave several examples of good practice.

In addition, all agreed, that the topic is of utmost importance in European higher education and it should be given more attention by decision-makers, university staff and students as well. In conclusion, members of the audience expressed their wish to learn about PT&SCHE project achievements in the future, too.

Presentation held on the event is available HERE