WP1 Benchmark analysis of the policies and legal frameworks for PT&SCHE in PR

WP1.1 Analysis of policies and legal frameworks of PT&SCHE in PR

WP2 Development of legal frameworks for implementation for PT&SCHE

WP2.1 Survey on needs of PT&SCHE
WP2.2 Round table discussions
WP2.3 Drafting policies for PT&SCHE
WP2.4 Conference
WP2.5 Definition of recommended policies
WP2.6 Definition of drafted legal framework for PT&SCHE
WP2.7 Definition of accreditation criteria for SCHE

WP3 Strengthening sustainability of PT&SCHE with adoption of eLearning technologies & pedagogical approaches

WP3.1 Analysis of needs and requirements for online PT&SCHE
WP3.2 Analysis of existing eLearning methodologies and technologies for PT&SCHE
WP3.3 Development & adoption of eLearning technologies & methodologies
WP3.4 Development of authoring tool
WP3.5 Development of eLearning platform

WP4 Organization and teaching methodologies of face-to-face (F2F) of PT studies

WP4.1 Analysis of needs, existing practices & constraints of F2F PT studies
WP4.2 Definition of recommendations for organization of F2F PT studies

WP5 Pilot implementation of online PT & SCHE programs

WP5.1 Development of curricula & course syllabi
WP5.2 Development of eLearning material
WP5.3 Purchase of equipment
WP5.4 Set-up eLearning portal
WP5.5 Implementation of online programs

WP6 Pilot implementation of F2F PT&SCHE programs

WP6.1 Development of curricula and course syllabi
WP6.2 Development of teaching and learning material
WP6.3 Implementation of 2 F2F programs

WP7 Dissemination and exploitation of project activities and results

WP7.1 Set-up D&E plan
WP7.2 Design of project visual identity
WP7.3 Design and setup project web site
WP7.4 Raising awareness for PT&SCHE
WP7.5 Final Conference

WP8 Quality control and monitoring

WP8.1 Defining plan for project QC
WP8.2 Defining metrics for PT&SCHE
WP8.3 Internal project monitoring and control
WP8.4 Monitoring metrics for pilot implementations

WP9 Project management

WP9.1 Organization of coordination meetings
WP9.2 Coordination of overall project activities
WP9.3 Local project management
WP9.4 Reporting