The project produces two main results:

  1. The legislation framework, needed for establishment of PT & SCHE studies in Serbia
  2. Pilot implementations, needed to test proposed concepts and legislation of PT & SCHE studies and to explore the most appropriate pedagogical and technological solutions for PT & SCHE studies.

The consortium will propose the legislation framework based on EU best practices and gained experiences. Four of five Program Partners are from countries that already have implemented short cycles and have studies adopted for part-time students. These partners will analyse different concepts, implementations and legislations of PT & SCHE studies implemented in EU countries and give their suggestions and advises. On the other side,  the consortium will consults representatives of all identified stakeholders in Serbia  and get their needs, expectations and requirements for PT & SCHE studies.

Pilot implementations of the proposed concepts for PT & SCHE studies in Serbia will be assigned to two most experienced HEIs in Serbia for these types of studies. VISER is the largest HE school for professional studies in Serbia, offering numerous programs and courses. BMU, is the leader in online education in Serbia and with experience dealing with employed students, mainly in computing. Their collaboration and synergy in pilot implementations of online PT & SCHE programs will provide a versatile analysis of the proposed concepts of PT & SCHE studies in Serbia.

The following stakeholders at different levels of impacts are identified:

  1. Local:
  2. Students: Seeking for qualifications according to needs of local companies;
  3. HEIs: To provide professionals at Level 5 needed by local companies;
  4. Employers: Local companies looking for cost-effective professionals
  5. National:
  6. Employed students: They want to get new qualifications in their profession or to change the profession;
  7. Jobless students: Seeking to get fast new qualifications according to demands on the labour market;
  8. HEIs: Both schools for HE professional studies and universities are interested to offer programs for part-time students or shorter programs for students that cannot reach the bachelor diploma;
  9. Employers: Looking for cost-effective professional labour, with specified skill sets.
  10. Regional:
  11. Students: As there are no language barriers, students from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia may find PT & SCHE programs that they cannot find locally;
  12. HEIs: They are trying to increase the number of students offering their online courses regionally.
  13. European:
  14. Students: Those who wants to find jobs in EU countries and are looking for HE programs harmonized with the European Qualification Framework at Level 5 (EQF)
  15. HEIs: Serbian HEIs seeking to adopt their studies according to EU labour market needs;
  16. Employers: Companies in EU countries offering jobs at EQF Level 5 to foreigners as they cannot find the appropriate workforce in their country.